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Art is Healing...Healing is an Art

Sandra Silberzweig was born and raised in Toronto Canada in the 1960s and still resides there. She lives with her husband and has two adult sons. She is a contemporary painter of Visionary Outsider Art, and has been painting all her life. University educated in the Arts, but self-taught in painting, Silberzweig has explored the many facets of the Fine Arts industry. She has been involved in teaching art and writing about it, selling her art online, and at galleries locally and internationally.

Her artistic style reflects her lifelong struggle with various forms of Synesthesia, a condition which can be debilitating at times due to its involuntary sensory overload. It is a neurological phenomenon, and still remains a complex and mysterious disorder. Ironically, this condition formed the basis of her creativity thus allowing the viewer a unique glimpse into her labyrinthine world of layered visions and intensely colorful dreams. She is inspired by primitive figurative images, sacred powerful goddesses and animals, and both tribal and spiritual symbolism which form the basis of her subjects.

When you are a synesthesia goddess ...... your day dreams are always in color

I am a synesthesia goddess
I have no fear of color
It lives in my soul, dances in my heart
Spills out of my fingers flowing down a canvas
I can see your aura
Taste the color black
Feel the chill of the green wind
Smell blue butterflies
Hear the yellow rain
Life is never boring when inspiration is always around

I am attracted to big bold colorful images...Art is processed in my minds eye, then experienced on all sensory levels; sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. This is the way art is communicated to me, appearing somewhat psychedelic or in a dream like state. When I paint, the painting and I have an unspoken dialogue and a idiosyncratic relationship. Inspiration and ideas come to me in waves through physical sensations and some colors can taste like foods. Each emotion or thought is paired with a color; each color has its own personality and movements, like people or pets. Sounds can speak in whispers and songs triggering a new direction in the painting process. Painting a flower can evoke a particular scent, related or not to the plant. Some of the lines, dots, and symbols can represent letters that form a rustic alphabet deciphered only by me. At any time, I can read my secret messages when I view that image. The more intense the inner conversation, the more layering and textures will therefore appear in my artwork. Sometimes this energy can become overloading and stressful. At times, it can be a negative force, demanding and exhausting, compelling me to paint when I need to rest. I am often told my paintings can seem quite complex and intense, this is the reason why.

For many years I did not know about Synesthesia, or how to manage my artistic abilities. I thought everyone felt, and experienced art the same way I times it felt frustrating and isolating. Now I am grateful, and through understanding, education and behavior modification I now consider this condition a gift and a blessing. Silberzweig also combines the elements and styles of cubism, folk, expressionism and modern art. She is inspired by many artists, but Picasso's artwork truly 'speaks' to her. “The painting process leads me on a journey, the outcome is unpredictable even if my intentions were sketched out. This can be quite time consuming when I'm commissioned to paint a particular image for a client but have little control on the finished product. I feel like a vessel allowing the message to be expressed through my paintbrush...I just surrender to its power and let go...the results tend to be a hybrid of art and dialogue that speak its own extraordinary language."

Silberzweig continues to research the state of Synesthesia. Her goal is to educate others, especially children who might not recognize that they possess this extraordinary gift of inner vision. "Some educators may confuse the child's perception as a learning disability or claim they have an over active imagination. As a result, these labels could hinder the students confidence and self image. Teachers and parents need more resources and information about this syndrome, to date...not a lot of material is out there...hopefully the future will be more enlightening"

Others can be taught to experience this phenomenon through her specialized instruction. Silberzweig has created a system of teaching called Silbersenze © This method of artistic expression incorporates the five senses and the seven energy colors. Children and adults who attend her classes are encouraged to paint what they feel, not see. Through a series of inspiring exercises, including breathing techniques, color immersion, and imagery journeys, students tend to be more receptive and open to a new level of creativity and expression. "The objective is to have fun and experience another way of sensing the world around you". With this technique, artwork is not judged or graded; but only discussed and experiences shared.

Currently, Silberzweig has been combining select areas from her professions as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Gemmologist and Art Therapist, in order to develop her unique Silbersenze © style of teaching. She is also working on a series of books called 'Winged Women' that will showcase her artwork and poetry. An instructional video partnership focusing on the relationship between art and healing incorporating the Silbersenze © method is also in development.

To date, Silberzweig is an Accredited Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who assists others by personal and distant appointments. She has graduated over 20 years ago in her many diverse studies, yet is still actively pursuing, and regularly updating Certifications in the areas of :
Angel Healing, Angel Therapy, Chakra and Aura Therapy, Crystal Healing, Crystal Magic, Colour Therapy, Energy Healing, Holistic & Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Master & Teacher ( Person or Pet ), Art Teacher & Therapist, Art Teacher Children Special Needs, Life Coaching NLP, Yoga, Shamanic MunayKi, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Gluten Free and Specialized Nutrition, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Feng Shui, Pet Nutrition and Natural Pet Medicine Therapy

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Fellowship of the Canadian Gemmological Association (FCGm.A)
International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)
The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Silberzweig has been written about in blogs, magazines, and newspapers and discussed on TV and radio. Her art has been licensed commercially and sold abroad. She remains a favorite among teachers and educators who have taught and lectured about her artistic style to their students. (For examples, please Google her name for these articles, and follow her on Facebook)

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